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Brand / Company: Forward Labs
Product / Service: Solar Roofing
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Elegant solar roofing that is not only cost effective, but also elegant!

Forward Labs has announced that their solar roofing product could cost up to 33% less than Tesla's solar roof project! This is an amazing statement, especially since Forward Lab's solar roofing will still produce the same amount of electricity as Tesla's. I think this is really cool in technology. Elon Musk was originally the one who put solar roofs on the map with his reveal of the Tesla solar roof in 2016.

According to Forward Labs, their standing-seam style of solar roofing uses monocrystalline solar cells, which is why it is able to have a higher energy density at 19W per square foot, compared to competitors' 11W per square foot.

What really intrigues me is that this product is more than just a solar panel, but a layered system of tempered surface glass, solar cells, and a hidden racking system. There are even various colour options for the roof, and it blends in really well to seem like a normal metal roof.

The cost effective nature of the solar roofing gives it a great chance at thriving. It not only looks great, but has optimized energy output and is great for the environment. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on Forward Labs and their first production roofs later in 2018.


- $3.25/Watt for the solar portion of the roofing.
- Cost effective, returns the most of your money and provides long-term savings.
- Energy density and vented roofing.
- The roofing is available in 8 different colours, and looks like a normal metal roof at first glance.
- Great for new construction, residential or commercial, or even as a replacement roof.


- $8.50 per square foot for the non-solar roof sections.
- Coverage area is only some parts of California.

Bottom Line:

The Forward solar roof ossers a range of features that competitors do not. With a passive venting system, a range of 8 colours to choose from, cheaper prices for solar roofing, and higher energy density - it makes the Forward solar roofing a prime choice over others for those that can have it installed.

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