Pork Schnitzel with Mushroom Gravy

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Pork Schnitzel with Mushroom Gravy
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A quick recipe to make delicious pork schnitzel with mushroom gravy!

I love tasty grub, so I'm always on the lookout for delicious and quick recipes that I can make for a nice meal. I came across this 30 minute recipe for battered, tender pork, fried until golden-brown and topped with a creamy mushroom gravy. Sounds delicious right?! Throw in a beer, and it's the perfect meal for me.

This recipe for pork schnitzel with mushroom gravy has a prep time of 10 minutes, and a cook time of 20 minutes - for a total time of 30 minutes making the meal. It's of German cuisine, an Entree recipe type that serves 4.

The ingredients are broken into three sections, one for the schnitzel, one for the mushroom gravy and the last for serving.


- 4 boneless pork loin chops, trimmed of fat
- 1 tablespoon Kosher salt
- ¼ teaspoon black pepper
- 1 cup all-purpose flour
- 2 eggs, beaten
- 1½ cups panko
- vegetable oil for cooking

Mushroom Gravy:

- 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
- ½ yellow onion, sliced
- 8 ounces button mushrooms, sliced
- 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
- ¼ cup white wine
- ½ cup chicken stock
- ½ cup heavy cream
- kosher salt
- freshly ground black pepper

To Serve:

- 1 lemon, quartered
- parsley for garnish, optional

The instructions are fairly simple. Thought there is a note that schnitzel is traditionally made with European or American-style breadcrumbs, however, the author made this dish with a Japanese-style breadcrumb, Panko, that is larger and yields a very crispy exterior. It is prepared very similar to tonkatsu, which is essentially the Japanese version of a schnitzel.

From the Hapa Nom Nom website, the instructions are as follows:

1. Pound the pork loin chops to ¼ inch thick.

2. Prepare 3 large plates - place the flour, salt, and pepper in the first plate, the eggs in the second, and panko in the third. First, dredge both sides of the pork in the flour and shake off the excess. Second, dip the floured pork into the egg, coating both sides. Third, repeat the process of dredging the pork in flour and dipping it in egg. Then lay the pork on the panko. Pile the panko on top of the pork loin, pressing the bread crumbs into the chop. Repeat the process with the rest of the pork.

3. Fill a cast iron pan or other heavy-bottomed pan with vegetable oil to a height of a ¼ inch. Attach a thermometer to the side of the skillet. Heat the oil to 350 degrees F. While the oil is heating, prepare a cooling rack or a plate lined with several paper towels to drain the cooked schnitzel.

4. When the oil has reached 350 degrees F, carefully slide the breaded pork chops into the skillet. Work in batches, depending on the size of your pan. (Keep in mind, the more you add to the pan at once, the more the temperature will initially drop).

5. Regulate the heat to maintain the appropriate temperature. Cook for 2 minutes on each side, until golden brown. Transfer to the wire rack or paper-lined plate.

6. To make the mushroom gravy, melt the butter in a saute pan. Add the onions and saute until softened, approximately 3 minutes. Add the mushrooms and saute for 2 minutes. Add the flour and stir frequently for 2 minutes, until lightly-brown. Stir in the wine and reduce by ?. Then stir in the chicken stock and cream. Simmer until thickened, about 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

7. Serve the pork schnitzel with the mushroom gravy, a wedge of lemon, and garnish with parsley. Enjoy!

Easy enough instructions for this delicious meal! In just 30 minutes, you've got an excellent German Entree for 4. If anyone else is interested in trying this recipe, I highly recommend it. Either follow the instructions above, or check out the Hapa Nom Nom website above!

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Pork Schnitzel with Mushroom Gravy  - Tasty Grub
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Pork Schnitzel with Mushroom Gravy  - Tasty Grub
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