Syre Bluetooth watch band for the Apple Nano

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Syre Bluetooth watch band for the Apple Nano
Brand / Company: Lion Hound Technology
Product / Service: Syre
Price: $79.95 USD

What's the problem with using an Apple Nano as a watch? The wires.

Despite being portrayed as the ultimate exercise companion, the iPod Nano still requires that the user listen to music via wired headphones. This is a glaring oversight that limits range of motion.

By integrating the Bluetooth attachment into the watch case and removing the need for cumbersome wired headphones and unsightly adapters, SYRE gives athletes a full range of motion while active and a sleek, cordless experience while relaxing.

The Syre is the best way I've seen to add Bluetooth functionality to the Nano watch concept. By building the Bluetooth module right into the silicone polymer watch, it keeps things looking sleek and stylish while removing cumbersome cords from your workout routine.

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Syre Bluetooth watch band for the Apple Nano - Apple
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