New Apple iPhone 5

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New Apple iPhone 5
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Brand / Company: Apple
Product / Service: iPhone 5
Price: $199 - $399 USD
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The long wait is finally over. The new Apple iPhone 5 will be here soon. I know I'm going to love it... right?

This is going to go big in either one of two possible directions. Either, as I hope, I will be blown away and impressed to the point that I develop true feelings of love for an inanimate product. Or, as I fear, my high expectations will once again make me feel let down - as I did with the Apple iPhone 4S.

Apple needs to pull out all the stops and regain the significant ground they're loosing to all the Android smartphones flooding the marketplace.

Tomorrow is a big day. Rumour has it that Apple will announce the new iPhone 5. This launch cannot come fast enough.

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Liam Wilson
Austin, TX, US
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