Dash by Devium

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Sourced from: devium.us
Dash by Devium
Brand / Company: Devium
Product / Service: Dash
Price: $289 USD

"Dash is the convergence of the car stereo and your smartphone"

The Devium Dash will be in my car ASAP. For a long time I've thought it was stupid to hook up your iPhone to a car stereo that forces you to use the stereo's interface rather than the slick interface of the iPhone itself. Devium clearly felt my pain. But they did something about it. Devium created Dash. An ingenious in-dash car stereo that provides a faceplate made to accomodate an iPhone or iPod touch.

Devium, Dash, Car, Stereo, iPhone, iPod Touch
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Liam Wilson
Austin, TX, US
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Dash by Devium - Apple
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Dash by Devium - Apple
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