Men's Reef Voyage sandals

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Men's Reef Voyage sandals
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Brand / Company: Reef
Product / Service: Men's Reef Voyage
Price: $45 USD
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Comfortable, water friendly men's leather sandals!

The Men's Reef Voyage sandals are so comfortable, and have a look that never goes out of style! I love the premium quality of these leather sandals. They fit with every outfit.

What makes these sandals stand out, is the innovative Swellular Technology that offers enhanced comfort, support and traction. It is the perfect blend of style and function, and your feet can really notice the difference.

The leather is environmentally friendly, waterproof and durable, but soft enough where I had no horrible break-in time with these sandals. The straps aren't abrasive so I no longer need to worry about getting blisters.

I really love how versatile they are. Taking on water and travel, and even the stand of time, and still coming out victorious. These will be my go-to sandals for the next while.

If anyone else is interested in checking out the Men's Reef Voyage sandals, click on the images up above! Your feet will thank you for it.


- Water friendly.
- Swellular technology adds traction.
- No stitch, no seam, microfiber liner, for no break in.
- Super soft topsole for instant comfort.

Bottom Line:

I love these sandals. Highly recommend.

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Ryan Platten
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
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Men's Reef Voyage sandals - Man Style
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