Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans

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Sourced from: atterley.com
Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans
Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans - Image 2
Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans - Image 3
Brand / Company: Atterley
Product / Service: Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans
Price: $153.05 USD
Rating From Ryan Platten
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Tapered style men's jeans!

One of my favorite pair of jeans are the Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans from Atterley. They are very comfortable to wear and look great.

These jeans feature a tapered style with a regular waist and button fly. They are made from black stretch denim with a nuanced, treated finish. It is 92% cotton, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane-spandex stretch.

The black/dark grey tapered look fits very well with every style I love. Both casual and formal wear looks terrific with them.

If anyone else is interested in the Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans from Atterley, click on the images up above!


- Tapered style
- Black/dark grey goes well with everything
- Comfortable fit

Bottom Line:

These jeans are perfect for any occasion. I highly recommend them.

Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans, Jeans, Atterley
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Ryan Platten
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
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Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans - Man Style
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Diesel Buster 087AM Jeans - Man Style
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