WaveJet SUP

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Sourced from: wavejet.com
WaveJet SUP
Brand / Company: WaveJet
Product / Service: 10' 6" Walden SUP
Price: $4,795 USD

WaveJet is a revolution in Personal Water Propulsion (PWP)

WaveJet stand-up paddleboards are developed by leading industry shapers and are available in a number of sizes. WaveJet SUP’s assist paddlers in moving faster in any type of water, paddling out and catching waves.

WaveJet is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind Personal Water Propulsion system that will change the way you interact with water. A clean, quiet, battery-powered miniature jet drive, it can be plugged into any WaveJet-ready personal watercraft, including surfboards, standup paddle boards, kayaks, boogie boards and more.

WaveJet Pod is operated from a waterproof controller that is worn on the wrist. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it can be recharged using a standard outlet or car lighter. The drive, or Pod, makes up to 7 miles per hour, which is three to four times faster than paddling.

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WaveJet SUP - SUP... stand up paddle
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WaveJet SUP - SUP... stand up paddle
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