Bright Side Plank Workout

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Bright Side Plank Workout
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Brand / Company: Bright Side
Product / Service: Plank Workout
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A 5-minute workout that replaces high-intensity cardio!

I really liked this video by Bright Side, that was perfect for beginners or intermediates. The plank workout video explained what the benefits were for planking, when the best time is to do them, and how to do them properly.

Planks are one of the best exercises for core conditioning. It strengthens your abs, and also works glutes and hamstrings. It improves posture and improves balance. Everything i'm looking for in an abs workout!

The plank workout by Bright Side consists of the following 7 exercises:

1 - Full Plank = 60 sec
2 - Elbow Plank = 30 sec
3 - Raised-Leg Plank (right) = 30 sec
4 - Raised-Leg Plank (left) = 30 sec
5 - Side Plank (right) = 30 sec
6 - Side Plank (left) = 30 sec
7 - Full Plank = 30 sec
2 - Elbow Plank = 60 sec

For a total of 5 minutes!

If anyone else is interested in checking out the workout routine, please check out the source link up above.

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Bright Side Plank Workout - Gotta get those abs!
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