Caravan Hoodie

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Caravan Hoodie
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Brand / Company: Outerknown
Product / Service: Caravan Hoodie
Price: $184.82 USD
Rating From Jacob Lewis
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A comfortable, super-soft men's sweater!

I recently purchased the Caravan Hoodie from Outerknown, and I've already fallen in love with it. This sweater looks like a waffle eave, but it's just a bit longer than that. It features a full fashion knit, which means there is no sewing anywhere on it but rather that the panels are knit together, and that results in zero abrasion and no rough seams.

This hoodie looks good, feels soft and is amazingly made. It is available in two colors, but I personally prefer the black that is pictured up above.

If anyone else is interested in the Caravan Hoodie from Outerknown, please click on the images up above!


- Full fashion knit
- Zero abrasion or rough seams
- Looks good, feels soft and very well made
- Available in two colors

Bottom Line:

I really recommend this sweater for the fall or cooler seasons!

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Jacob Lewis
Carson City, NV, US
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Caravan Hoodie - Hoodies Pavement Hoodie - Man Style
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