D23 from DeAntonio Yachts

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D23 from DeAntonio Yachts
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D23 from DeAntonio Yachts - Image 3
Brand / Company: DeAntonio Yachts
Product / Service: D23
Price: $78,000 USD

DeAntonio Yachts' D23 Mini Yacht

The D23 is the perfect blend of luxury and practicality. Designed by Ubica, each motorboat is only 7 meters long and features a hidden outboard motor.

This 23-foot-long boat has a hull that is constructed from a fiberglass and polyester resin.

Designed to be a pleasurable day boat or tender for super-yachts, the main distinguishing characteristic of the D23 is the hidden outboard motor.

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D23 from DeAntonio Yachts - Motorboats
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D23 from DeAntonio Yachts - Motorboats
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