Lapoint Surf Camp Sri Lanka

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Sourced from: Chloe Thomas
Lapoint Surf Camp Sri Lanka
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Brand / Company: Lapoint Surf Camps
Product / Service: Surf Camp Sri Lanka
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A beautiful tropical paradise with killer waves - I must visit this for myself one day!

I've always been interested in surfing, and after a few stressful months at work, i've been thinking hard about a getaway. Pairing my two desires together, a surf vacation sounds perfect!

In my searching, I came across Lapoint Surf Camp Sri Lanka, a tropical island paradise just southeast of India. What really allured me was not only the great looking waves, but also the beautiful nature, chill vibe, and surf courses! I've been surfing for a few years as a hobby, but I'll never pass on an opportunity to take my surfing to the next level.

Sri Lanka features mile long beaches, a tropical climate and various amazing places to visit. This caters to everything I would look for in a getaway. The surf camp at Sri Lanka is very popular, and that means it will be a great opportunity to meet wonderful people and make lasting memories in the sunset. I would love to make some new friends who share the same surfing passion as I do, or maybe visit the safari there with me!

By the time I leave this tropical island, i'll certainly have a bunch of new and unique experiences under my belt, and hopefully new friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Chloe Thomas
Gold Coast, QLD, AU
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Lapoint Surf Camp Sri Lanka - Surf Vacation
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Chloe Thomas

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Lapoint Surf Camp Sri Lanka - Surf Vacation
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