2019 Lincoln Aviator Production Preview

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2019 Lincoln Aviator Production Preview
2019 Lincoln Aviator Production Preview - Image 2
Brand / Company: Lincoln Motor Company
Product / Service: 2019 Lincoln Aviator
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The 2019 Lincoln Aviator has been previewed, and it's everything I want in a new car!

The 2019 Lincoln Aviator is big, bold and even features a plug-in hybrid engine! With a bold, sleek style and high performance features, the Aviator is my luxury crossover dream. I was a fan of the 2003 model that was discontinued in 2005, and with this model becoming more than a concept vehicle but not quite a production vehicle has me very excited for the release and sale date.

The 2019 Lincoln Aviator by the Lincoln Motor Company is a three-row midsize crossover utility vehicle with a rear-wheel drive platform. This SUV is a beast with a harmonious design. Both inside and out, the Aviator is equipped with the newest technology and safety features.

The interior features a 12-inch digital display in the gauge cluster and has a wide infotainment screen that is the main hub of many of the controls. The cabin has a horizontal flow, and appealing aesthetics with two colour schemes of the Black Label trim level, Lunar Gray and Shearling Beige. The aluminium trim pieces and leather upholstery really give the SUV a luxurious feel. The front seats have a 30-way power adjustment and a massage feature. The rear seats can recline and slide for easier entry into the third row, which makes it much easier for a tall adult to get in.

Under the hood is where the production preview really peaked my interest. Though the Lincoln Motor Company has not announced any horsepower number, it has been stated that the 2019 Lincoln Aviator will be powered by a twin-turbo and a plug-in hybrid engine. Despite featuring the new rear-wheel drive platform, AWD is still available. Rear-wheel will allow the Aviator to have good handling chops, and will be able to compete with the more athletic luxury crossovers. The new Suspension Preview Technology that scans the road with a radar to look for bumps and potholes, as well as adjusts the suspension for less impact is an amazing feature.

All in all, there are a ton of new and alluring features of the 2019 Lincoln Aviator. I've just scratched the surface of the entirety. The release is 2019 or 2020, but has yet to be determined. I'll be waiting with baited breath to see the sale date. I would love to drive in a plug-in hybrid SUV.

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2019 Lincoln Aviator Production Preview - Cars
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2019 Lincoln Aviator Production Preview - Cars
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